Can you figure out what this sign says?

What's the sign.... duh! - Can ya figure out what this sign means??!!
@pitstop (9768)
March 28, 2007 10:49am CST
I saw this sign in Dehra Dun when i went there with friends! It took me a while to figure out what it means. Can you figure it out??!! I'll let you know the answer if noone can figure it out! You can also see the picture at this link
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• Ireland
28 Mar 07
I have been trying for a while now to rearrange the words to make sense but the 'self' keeps getting in the way. I even serached for the result on the internet but I came up with a blank. I will forward it to my family members to see what they can make of it and if they can't tell me, then I am afraid you will have to let me know the answer as I give up.
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@pitstop (9768)
• India
29 Mar 07
Lol.... luckily for me a few meters away a similar barricade with the actual message was there - so i could figure out what it was! I'll let u all in on it in a day. Any more takers?