Just don't over react--bcoz india can't qualify for Super-8

@nityam (138)
March 28, 2007 12:59pm CST
You people are just going too much over board..it doesn't mean tht we are a bad side,just bcoz 2 matches which we lost which happened to be world cup matches, it happens only in the games...This is just a game...wht's yur view?
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@kerry1804 (214)
• India
30 Mar 07
i agree with you.. its just a game.. some one wins the match then other have to lose job.. we didn't lost match because we played bad, we lost match because other team played better than our team..
@cvignesh (304)
• India
29 Mar 07
I am not a fickle minded fan...i always followed and am a die hard Aussie fan ....unless the system and most important of all mindset changes....Indian cricket wont gain in the long run..when we understand "A TEAM OF SUPERSTARS doesnt make a SUPERSTAR TEAM" we can progress...its not the media's fault alone for hype...if the BCCI can make huge amount of money selling rights for supposed to be the world's best team..why cant media make money by covering news about them...its always to easy something but going out there to perform is difficult and even more difficult when there is no TEAM SPIRIT
@alirana (297)
• Malaysia
29 Mar 07
Overreaction is a kind of disease which you ca oftenly notice in subcontinent folk very much. Now the cricket has become a very hot subject to discuss as there is no more stories to see. Some time such type of behaviors makes the nations down to others.So please don't over react too much consider it as a game only.
@nanhegujral (4634)
• India
29 Mar 07
That's right.. I am very un happy specially from the media which makes it very big. Every person makes mistake and even the player felt bad about that, as even they didn't wanted to loose. And I know that the reaction was there because the expectation was too high. But we should also know about how much pressure they are handling.