my career!

March 28, 2007 7:53pm CST
I graduated last year and i am 22 years old. I just want to share this things to you. After my graduation last march i got my first job as a management trainee of a computer field. I can say that as a fresh grad i am very blessed because my salary was good. After 4months of service i realized that this is not what i want. I want to try other field of industry that's why i render my resignation and got a new job again as a sales and marketing officer in a diagnostic center. To be honest the salary was not good. I lost maybe around 30% of my salary in my previous employer as i compare my salary in this diagnostic center. But i can say that my co employees are very kind. I enjoyed their company as well as my boss. But i want to earn more because i am helping my sister in her studies now. That's why i render my resignation again and got a new job this time my salary is good the people around are also good. I started here last january 2007. March 16 i went home to davao city in my hometown i had my vacation there with my family for about 3 days. When i was in the airport to go back here in cebu to work again i realized what if i will quit this job and find another one in my hometown because that time i was very confused because i don't what to leave my family again i want to be with them. But my fear was what if i'l go back to davao and will find another job what if it will take me long period to find a good job i am afraid of that because my family need my financial support. But here in cebu i am renting a room and maybe it's the same thing if i will move to davao because i can save money because we have our own house their. As i arrived here in cebu, while i sat in a taxi to go straight tp my office i received a call saying that i have an interview the next day at the parklane hotel it was a pharmaceutical company. This is not my first time i received call from a different pharmaceutical company because before if i have vacant time i always sending application and i cannot count how many company i applied. But this time my heart said i should go for this. I decided to be absent and go to the initial interview.And after the interview at that night i received a call again from them to come back the next day to the final interview. And after that they told me that maybe next they will just call us if we pass or not. After a week a received a call and i passed. They told me after holyweek we will go to manila for the 6months training. They will just send aus ticket. That's why i am very much confused on how to tell my company now? I am very much decided to pursue my training. But how can i say to my company that i will render my resignation. And i just want to ask you guyz people here in mylot if do i have problem in me because many people said it is not good to have lots of employer in just a couple of time. Maybe i can say there is but for me i want to be in a company which i can say that i am very happy with my career. And also in pharmaecutical i can say that the offered salary they promise me is 50% increase from my salary now. and also i can say if i just stay here maybe i can receive this much of salary maybe after 4 years. Thar's why i want to grab this opportunity because i want to try being a medical representative. hopefully i will pass the training.
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