Mylot Earning, how they calculate it???!!!!

March 28, 2007 9:57pm CST
I am really confused on how they calculate our earning in mylot!.. Are they basing it with number of word we respond,we about the discussions that we post and responses that we get? I also believed that there arre earnings for pictures and this work? Can someone help me figured it out??
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• Canada
29 Mar 07
No one knows for sure how we get paid all anyone knows for sure is that the you do get something for all that you answer to and I believe if at least one person responds to your discussion then you will get something for that . But as far as how they figure out how to give each person for each discussion they start or answer to , then no one knows . I do believe you do get something for putting up pictures also but I have never did this . For referal you get paid 10% for what they do so they need to be doing something in order for you to make anything off of them . Hope this helps and happy posting :)