what is your scariest experience?

March 28, 2007 11:32pm CST
we have our own scary experiences. whether it'd be you saw someone die in an accident or you saw a ghost. My scariest experience was different,it was when losing hold of someone i love, i got the shivers down my spine and i felt my body was turning blue, the feeling is so frightening that it drives me almost insane. The bot that I was deeply inlove with has another girl, and it scared me having without him beside me
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@mr_ilham (1611)
• Indonesia
18 May 07
i ever die in my life so scary thank you
@zer0charly (5615)
• Philippines
30 Mar 07
the most scariest experience happened when i was in 3rd yr highschool...I am looking for a vinegar inside our cabinet to use for my cooking..when i opened it,i saw something which is slimmy and silvery..,i ignored it and continue getting the vinegar..then i saw thing thing moved..,,guess what?its a cobra..!i jump out and scream out loud!gosh!im so afraid that time..i was shaking and crying coz that was the first time i saw a cobra..a real cobra!and thank God,..nothing was happened to me..my Dad call for help to kill the cobra..and good thing..they did it..