more inconvenient than the movie itself!!!

@Portex (98)
March 28, 2007 11:40pm CST
I've watched the movie a week ago from a known theatre in our place, I am startled by the findings they have presented in the movie! no doubt about! But what is more inconvenient findings I have personally observed that, there is only a few of us viewing these inconvenient truth!!!
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@martinha (631)
• Portugal
29 Mar 07
Well, that's true, people don't like to care about things, they tend to let it go. I saw the film and I think we should do something to help our planet, it's like our duty, small things can make the difference. But I also know it's hard for people to change their habits, like going for work by bus instead of using the car, the car is more comfortable. People must understand it's necessary to make some sacrifices to keep our planet alive, for our children and so on. Maybe giving rewards to people that help nature would be a start and penalizing those who pollute more.
• China
30 Mar 07
I have to agree with Martinha on this. as Gore's title suggests- inconvenience. .. to take a bus, to save the water in our bathtub for plants,, recycling, recycling, and lets not forget recycling. its time we get off our high horse of selfish living and find ourselves in the reality of today. Its time we begin looking at criminalizing wasteful behavior... beginning of course with the most obvious and wasteful of them all- the industrial sectors..
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• Philippines
1 Apr 07
We tend to think that the main culprit is the industrial sector. I am tempted to say that the main culprits are the oil producing exceedingly rich countries. Their leaders have a hand at slowing down, almost to a halt, the harnessing of the solar power and the windmills and other natural sources of energy, to help in meeting the energy and power demands of the world. They know that if people will continuously use oil as the main and sole source of energy, it will be the number one source of pollution in the world. But what do they care? The important thing is , they are continuously earning big and the demand for their products remain high no matter what.
• Philippines
1 Apr 07
It is true that the way the world is being polluted by everyone is at an alarming rate. The big trouble here is, the rich are telling those who are in the lower brackets to do their share in alleviating this condition. I've been wondering why they do not want to do their share. If we think about this deeply, it is the rich who has the hand at this. If they will mass produce those environmentally friendly products and sell it to the general public, that will be real help. But they don't. They have some reasons for that. And those reasons are all self-serving.