Free $5 bucks

Free $5 Bucks - five dollar bill
United States
March 28, 2007 11:56pm CST
That is right and I would not have believed it myself had I not gotten it. Then to top that off for every person that I referred they gave me $5 more bucks that quick right into my account. Here is how it works There is a debit card that you apply for they start you off with $5 bucks(which is like any debit card you get and refill) and everyone you refer that gets a debit card gets $5 bucks and you get $5 buck for each of them you refer. You can add money to these cards several ways. 1) direct deposit 2)pay location 3)ach transfer 4)credit or debit card transfer 5) pay location. You can even transfer money from card to card with your cell phone computer or phone call and it only charges you 10 cents to do that. I figured it would be a good card considering my 2 sisters live 1500 miles away and we send money to each other all the time via Western Union and that gets expensive. So we all got this card and now we transfer money all the time for just 10 cents each transfer. Now that we can never beat. You can also apply for your underage children to get a card under you and transfer funds to their card. I think this is pretty neat. You use this card as you would any debit card. It is a visa debit. Just thought I would let you guys know about this and if you are interested let me know by email. Please no spam and rest assured I won't spam you. I will only email you the card info you requested. Lots of love guys.
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