Give adivce on getting to know sombody

@Jonny714 (190)
United States
October 18, 2006 12:09pm CST
what the first step on getting to know sombody?
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@franxexces (1096)
• Philippines
3 May 07
*THE HOUSE PARTY Find out about each other's common friends. Opening line: "How do you know (name of the host)?" Awkward moment: Expect to compete for attention. House parties usually involve people who already know each other or people in the process of getting to know one another. Be outgoing, but don't feel the need to dominate the conversation. Tip: Forget revealing embarrassing stories about others. although it's the easiest way to get a lively conversation going, you want to be remembered as that nice, friendly girl at the party--not someone who talks way too much for her own good. *THE BEACH Stick to light topics--such as how nice the weather is or how relaxing it is to be by the water. Opening line: "This place is great. Can you believe how clear the water is?" Awkward moment: You may encounter a chilly reaction. The tropical setting doesn't guarantee a warm reception after all. If the other person appears to be disinterested, just smile, say "nice to meet you," and go on your merry way. Tip: Stay away from cliche lines that involve sunblock and backs. Either as a recipient or as a volunteer, you don't want to be cheesy. *THE BAR OR CLUB Start by getting each other's basic information. Opening line: "Where do you go to school? Are you working?" Awkward moment: It's not easy to start a conversation in a noisy spot. Keep comments short and simple. Speak more loudly than usual, but be aware of the volume of your voice. Breaking someone's eardrum is not the best way to make a good impression. *THE SUMMER CLASS YOU'RE IN THE SAME CLASS-YOU ALREADY HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON. TaLK ABOUT THAT INTEREST, AND USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Opening line: "I've always wanted to take this class. What made you decide to take it?" Awkward moment: The other person may be more into the class than you. Don't take it personally. After all, you're both in that class to learn something new. Respect that choice and don't try to force a conversation. Instead, wait for the break and try again-or try someone else. Tip: Don't forget there are still some rules to be followed. If you're not supposed to talk, don't. Being disruptive is not attractive. Have patience. You still have the whole summer to get to know your classmates better.