greg chapel an australian conspiracy?

March 29, 2007 7:02am CST
I am going to propose a conspiracy theory. In the last world cup India reached the finals and were tipped to be that one team that could defeat the australian team. John Wright and Saurav were able to inspire a nation at that time. What if the Australians saw India as a threat to their dominance in world cricket and paid Chappel to ensure that once hes the coach rotate the batting and bowling in such a way that no player is sure where hes going to bat or bowl and wheteher hes going to play at all? It started with Saurav being chucked out of the team. So guys what do you think? Do we have an Australian conspiracy in our hands for world dominance?
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@a_manick (880)
• India
30 Mar 07
Everybody wants to find some valid reason for India's early exit that will give some consolation. You have come out with one such reason. It is wonderful to see how people can come out with various theories and reasoning just to protect their team. Good thinking but I do not agree that there is any truth in it. Thanks.
@hiitssomu (657)
• United States
29 Mar 07
i am agreee with you. most of autralian coaches were not successgul outside Australia. Australia may send those guys to make the path easy for Australinan team to get thge world cup.