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March 29, 2007 7:07am CST
what is death in the anime bleach? i get that you die and you end up in soul society if you're a good person and if you're a bad person, you end up in hell. that kinda means that everyone dies their way to soul society from our world. does that mean no one gets born in soul society? if people gets born in soul society, that would mean that they're having new babies as well as dead people from our world. wouldn't that be a huge overload of people? i mean, evil as most people are, i still don't think many of them deserves hell in the bleach world. but if no one gets born in soul society, and everyone there is a direct result of dying on earth, then why are there 'noble' families? i mean, u don't have siblings and you don't have kids, where do u get family? and i would be a crappy noble family if everyone's adopted in to it like rukia. the other thing i wanted to know is do they age? since we get to see rukia when she was a little girl, i assume you do grow old in soul society, even though you're theoretically dead. but if people age, how quickly do they age? i mean i think i read somewhere that renji is several hundred years old. does that mean they age slowly? if they age, does that mean they might die of old age? which brings us to the third problem, do u die in soul society? well... i guess yes, obviously shinigamis die, but does that make sense? a dead ghost dying again? where do they go from there? do they just disappear? or go to another place? and it's an endless cycle of dying and appearing in a new world? on a side note, about fukitake taichou, how is it possible for a dead person to get sick?
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