A power in U2' song

March 29, 2007 8:31am CST
can u feel what I feel in their songs?
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• Philippines
30 Mar 07
I think I know what you mean. U2's concerts are being compared to spiritual revival concerts where the human collective experiences one purely sublime musical moment that just gets into the fabric of the soul. Sometimes, U2 even manages that with their recordings. A very powerful band, they are.
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• Philippines
8 Jul 07
Bono is somewhat a mysteriuos writer, he has this certain thing of connecting with the listener/reader. When I read Sometimes you can't make it on your own, I hadthe feeling of miussing my dad, our fights...and after some internet researches, i came to know it was a really meaningful song intended for his dad. there are other meaningful songs for me...beautiful day which I intentionally sing when my day is just about to begin or something bad just happened (to condition my mind hehehe) All I want is you is a song I wish my boyfriend will sing to me.
@suscan (1955)
• United States
31 May 07
they are a very spiritual band and their music is powerful. They are also good people. Bono gives so much to the world.
• India
12 Apr 07
Ya, U2 is such a lovely band.
• Romania
11 Apr 07
i think i know of what feeling ur talking about and i yes i feel it especially in their concerts
@anita212 (117)
12 Jun 07
they sing with so much passsion... n they share all thir experinces.... through music.. with us... theyr jus super great... !!!
• Portugal
2 Apr 07
i can feel taht,it´s amazing. u2 are the best
• India
8 Apr 07
oh yes there is always a very soothing and calm feeling when one listens to the voice of bono along with rhytmicx beats of the band and it is a lot of fun