i like cycling but.......

@meoasis (720)
March 29, 2007 8:43am CST
the city gonna more worse its covered with smokes and dusts, high traffic it drives me crazy i cant ride safe and cool ........among the other hobbies i like cycling when i was a child my favourite hobby was cycling and swimming i used to take a rented cycle for hours and round my small town ...am at the capital city now but when i see that dump condition of the city ......i just cant do what i used to enjoy sice my childwood what are you hobbies are your hobbies been sorrounded by problems as mine .......it would be good to share them
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@loved1 (5336)
• United States
29 Mar 07
I like to ride my bike in the summer as well. I am very fortunate that my little town has a very nice bike trail running through it. I can go for miles and miles in either direction on this partially paved trail. There can be no motorized vehicles on the trail at all so all you have to worry about is other bikers and people walking. It is too bad your city is getting so rundown. Try not to let it dampen your spirits.
@meoasis (720)
• Nepal
29 Mar 07
wow i wish i was there but unfortunitely my city is so unplanned and random that it is difficult to walk even in the footpaths ......when theres a traffic jam people take thier motorbikes through the foottrail can you imagine its the condition of my city
• Singapore
29 Mar 07
I enjoy cycling too. In Singapore, I would just cycle along the beach. Fresh air but noisy crowd during the weekend though. :P