They don't even know me.

United States
March 29, 2007 11:54am CST
We have two of my boyfriends family living with us. At first it was ok. Then I started to get a crush on his brother, which Is only for looks( nothing will ever happen between us.) My boyfriend called me today saying that I'm not feeding our children or giving them baths. I told him I give them a bath everyday, and feed them a hot meal everyday. Then he says thats not what hear! The only way he can say something like that, is by hi brother. His brother talks to his wife everyday and tells her things. His wife lives in Texas with his mom, he is trying to get a job down there. And his wife tells his mom or dad. Which they tell my boyfriend. Its like they don't us to be together, his brother talks about me and doesn't even know me. My boyfriend doesn't know who to trust. I can't tell anyone anything without it getting around his family.
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