Is it possible that airsoft can later be recognized as a sports?

March 30, 2007 12:46am CST
many countries around the world are accepting airsoft games as a hobby. in my own opinion, there are many factors in airsoft games that can be categorized as a sports. factors that i noticed was uniform(BDU's,vests,etc), instruments(aeg's), court(warsite), we also have rules and regulations, referees(marshalls), goal(objective),scoring,tournaments, players,etc.
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@calicot (256)
• Philippines
14 Dec 07
There are many gamesites that hold tournaments for airsoft here in the Philippines, even if it (hobby) is not yet recognized as a sport many regard it as a sport on their own. Anyway, the real purpose of airsoft is camaraderie, it should not be taken seriously or as a career altough you could be a retailer selling accessories then that's a biz career jk. Besides, just by joining in the sponsored playsites in a tournament could be a sport already if you see it that way.