Myspace Is Cool

@Rozie37 (15499)
March 30, 2007 1:31am CST
Last Sunday, I went to my great-nephew's first birthday party and one of the guest who was there works for myspace. My sister takes care of her son at a day care center. We got the opportunity to ask her some questions and she was very nice. She said that most of the people who work there also have sites and they have had them from the beginning and she loves hers. A lot of people have been complaining lately about all the spam and sales pitches that they are getting. They do not realize that this is partly their fault. Before I accept someone as my friend, I click on their picture and go to their page to see what they are all about. I can tell whether or not I want them to be my friend by the way their page is decorated and the friends that they already have. If someone is 18 and asking to be my friend, I get suspicious. If someone has half naked women as their friends, I know they couldn't possibly have interest in me, because I don't present myself like that. A lot of the children (my nieces and nephews)have a lot of spam, because they look at the kid asking to be their friend and they say, oh this person looks cool and they had them and then don't understand where the spam is coming from. Another clue, is if you click on the persons picture and they have not decorated their page, yet they have a lot of friends, that also makes me think twice about adding them.
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@disvachic (10120)
• United States
30 Mar 07
I totally agree with you.I check before adding people now.Because they sure will spam your page.They just request to be your friend to spam and promote stuff i have no interest in.I get request all the time and i deny alot of people!!!I go and look at their profile and say now what the heck do we have in common? It has to be something whether its music,religion,activities,hobbies,movies,the type of person they are i look at all that.Then some just try to up their friend list so they request just for general purpose.
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@cocobaby (300)
• United States
30 Mar 07
I have a myspace but don't use it very often. Every time I look at my profile page it's full of error messages and my pictures won't show up. It drives me crazy. I get friends requests from spammers all the time.
@isavel (110)
• Philippines
30 Mar 07
i have a myspace but i don't visit it.. actually, i just registered in my space just because of my friends.. and my friends in there is very common..;)