Do you Believe in Super natural Powers?

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March 30, 2007 2:17am CST
Many believe in God and some does not. Mainly most of the scientists do not believe in God or Super natural Power. But some scientists made some studies and say that...... Yes, there exists some power which is beyond Science. So, what are your opinions about this? Do you really believe in God? Do you have any personal experiences?
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• India
30 Mar 07
of course god exists... there isn't any such thing as a coincidence... it depends on a persons perspective... if u look properly then you can see countless miracles in your own life.. a chance meeting that turned into something more special... a perfect day... someone to hug... even the smallest thing that happens is a miracle... just try to imagine your life without it!! science is very limited and can only studt something that is verifiable.. just because you can't verify something doesn't mean that it isn't there!! ;)