Have your name in movie credits??

@babyhar (1335)
March 30, 2007 4:24am CST
Have you ever wished when watching a certain movie.. That you could have your name in the movies credits? If so what is it that you would want to be credited for? As well if you could pick any movie to have your name in the credits.. Which movie would you want it to be? As well why is the reason behind this? I think it would be quite interesting to see your own name in something such as this.. I believe it would be a rather rewarding feeling in the long run! Does anyone else agree?! Please do share your thoughts & feelings on this topic! I'd love to hear them! . . Thanks for sharing with me! xx
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@mskzalameda (4036)
• Philippines
30 Mar 07
i would love to be credited as the writer of the blockbuster-to-be-film. it would give me so much happiness and contentment for i achieved that kind of thing. it is such a wonderful idea to have this things being imagined and do come true. it is yes, a rewarding feeling not only for myself but for all of my relatives and friends. they can be proud of me. :)
• Singapore
30 Mar 07
To honest, I don't think it's such a big deal to get my name there. :P For me, I am not that interested in such fame. Besides, nobody reads or remembers those names anyway. They are always shown at the end too. I hate if when some movies shows the names BEFORE the show... a big ego problem I feel and I would just go DUH... cut the crap and get started, would ya? ^^