I Got Qualified for the Next Payout! Again :)

@amaine (2037)
March 30, 2007 5:27am CST
Hey there. Yeah, I did it again. I already got my first mylot earnings last february 9. Then that month, I had so many stuffs to do, that's why I haven't qualified for that month. And now, I am back, I got qualified for the payout! :) Yeah, it's quite small, about ten bucks, but at least I have some money to spend for some burger, fries and softdrinks. (--,) So, who else got qualified and will receive their payment on the 15th of April? :) What are your plans with your mylot earnings. It's time to celebrate. Cheers everyone! And for those who have not yet qualified, you can work harder this night. You have until tomorrow to reach the minimum payout. If not, then you can still resopond more to discussions and get qualified the following month. Patience, that's what we need. Anyway, cheers! (--,) Have a wonderful day everyone.
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• Malaysia
9 Jun 07
money - money money money..money! can't seem to get enuff of it
cool..so how many times have u been qualified for payment ever since you joined mylot? i agree with you, patience is what we need! well patience and effort are one of the things that we need in order to be successful hehe. what did you do with your mylot earnings? congrats and happy mylotting! hope you'll reach another payout soon hehe..