Why Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Works, Why Ruby's Diet Fails

@infohome (1222)
March 30, 2007 7:05am CST
I'm a former fashion model whose weight is idealized by many women. Truth is, I'm only human. More often than not I'm overweight because of my overeating habits. My former modelling career required me to maintain a certain weight, and I if exceeded this weight even by the slightest amount, I would be out of job. I would not be invited to the next fashion show. No job, no money. In between fashion shows, I often gained weight. Panic usually set in as the date of the next fashion show loomed. So to lose the weight I'd gained I would go on a crash diet, often days before the fashion show itself. After years of experimenting with all sorts of crash diets, I’d perfected a diet which allowed me to lose ten pounds in a week. I called it the Ruby Lee's diet after myself. The diet is an amalgam of high-fat, low-carbohydrate and liquid protein diet. My carbohydrate intake is almost zero. And my protein requirement is fulfilled by drinking liquid whey protein. I eat all the fat I can. From animal fats to fried soy tofu. Weight loss is rapid. I can lose at least 1 pound a day. Good enough for the fashion show but disastrous to my body. Lethargy permeates my body. I have constant headache and nausea. I have fainting spells. Once, I fainted after a fashion show and had to be hospitalized for two days for severe dehydration. Ruby Lee's Diet does work but at a cost. Will I do this diet again? Yes, I will. But only for extreme emergency when I need to lose weight fast. But I am not a model anymore, so there's no need for extreme measures. Besides Ruby Lee's diet I've tried countless of other weight loss diets without much success. Granted I lose weight on these diets but the loss is not permanent. Recently, my boyfriend introduced me to a fat loss program called Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle. I've done an extensive review on the program after trying out this program for four months. So far I've maintained my weight at 120 pounds after losing 40 pounds on this program. I've learnt quite a deal from BTFFTM. I learn the futility of crash dieting and why crash diets will never work. I learn why it is not wise to excessively restrict any food groups like carbohydrates. I learn why I lose muscle and water weight instead of fat on Ruby Lee's diet. Most importantly, I learn why Ruby Lee's diet leads to short-term weight loss while Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle leads to permanent fat loss – the ideal goal of any true weight loss program. Do you know that 95% of all diets fail? Do you want to be in the successful 5%? Find out how at http://burnfatreview.com where former fashion model Ruby Lee reviews current fat-loss programs like Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle and the South Beach Diet
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