fresh for action !don't be lost in the sadness!

@mzx5188 (520)
March 30, 2007 7:28am CST
i answer a call from my sister . when hearing her voices , i can touch she is crying for me.she advises me not to give up my study . she said :for her and for all our family , continue to struggle against the future .after listening her words, i truely want to burst into tears, she is a little girl , she knows that what we should do and that what we do not do. iam her elder brother. i have the responsibilty to take careof her, but she devotes his time to supply my my study . when you are forward in the study , maybe you feel at home . when feel a fish out of water for self's study , sudden inspiring words will beat the confidence of study . since i was at college ,i try my best and not lose heart to study . one day i told my father that i would lose my school for my two young sisters . in fact , my words were from my heart . as a result , it took situation seriously , my little sister chose to leave his schoolfor me. iam very guilty of my past words. otherwise she won't do like this . actually , undeliberately things result in a sad result . all that aim at beautiful tomorrow. i want to say a word to my family : i try my best , not living up to their expectation.
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