I need your support for Arunachal.

@mlotboy (293)
March 30, 2007 8:07am CST
Arunachal Pradesh is a tribal state in the North-East of India. It has a population of about 900000. I was born there. But, spent most of my life outside studying. Now I'm in New Delhi trying to get contacts with different professionals who can help me spread awareness among the villagers. What I'm looking for: 1. Looking for journalists who can travel with me to Arunachal to see for themselves the conditions of the state and report the facts to the whole country. The reason I want reporters from outside is - in other parts of India, we hardly hear news about that state. 2. I'm also looking for professionals like doctors and nurses who can explain the villagers the importance of eating nutritious food and keeping the places clean and diseases awaye And the danger of early motherhood. There is lots of superstitions in the villagers and they don't even try to go to the hospitals for treatments. they prefer to go to the traditional priests still for curing ailments. 3. Looking for social workers. The early marriage is still widely prevalent there. There is a tribe in Arunachal who dwell in the forests. They're called Solung. It is a slave tribe. Till today they're bought and sold. Thus, I need your help to rescue them from this brutal slavery. I also need u to help me explain them about the developments plans launched by the government for their improvements and how to make use of them. 4. Need lawyers to explain some basic legal provisions to save them from arbitrary arrest. And also to explain about laws preventing child marriages and protection against domestic violence to women. The polygyny system is openly practised in the state. Even the opposition leader of the state legislative house has four wives. Lots of villagers are dragged into the jails and are inhumanly treated by the police. Many of them r even killed in the prisons. But noone races a voice due to lack of legal knowledge and illiteracy. I'm sad to say that I can't even devote much time to help them, since I'm studying and working in Delhi. So my plan is: If u guys can go with me there like in the summer holidays or winter holidays and travel with me to different villages to spread such knowledges as I mentioned above to the villagers, I will b obliged to u . Guys, please, please, please help me carry out this task for the sake of the betterment of the human race. Even outsiders [foreigners] can contribute by teaching in in schools for a week or two in your holidays. There r lots of 2 or 3 teachers' schools in the villages. The plan is not sponsored by anyone. So, we have to contribute individually. U can contact me on this: thomastajo@rediffmail.com. or call at - 00 91 9313394755 I'm waiting to hear from u. Regards, Thomas
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