irritated with the job search

United States
March 30, 2007 10:06am CST
I just wanted to take a few seconds to vent. I am so irritated trying to find a part-time job. I am working on a home-based business, but meanwhile, I need to be bringing in some money to pay the bills, rent, to put toward the business, etc... so I'm looking for a part time job, (something I could do from home would be ideal)... but every time I start searching online (even on sites like careerbuilder and monster...) the first 10 or 20 things that come up are internet scams! I already have a business that I'm putting money into, I'm not looking for another one! I'm also not looking to pay $30 to sign up for another bogus job to make money online... lord knows I've thrown away a couple hundred dollars putting too much faith in those websites! UGH! Anyone else in the same boat?!
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