Currently which is the best movie to watch at theater?

March 30, 2007 11:29am CST
I think 300.
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• India
3 Sep 08
last was 300. 300 is an absolutely terrific movie. the attitude, the valour the spartans display send a chill down my spine. so much to keep their honour. they challenged and even demured a person who projected himself as god. i think they were bogged down by the wrong priests who just had no respect for these warriors. my personal favorite line in the movie when the king says : SPARTANS NEVER RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!. the greatest sequence when the king as a young lad fights the beast and also , when he kicks the intruder into the well..
@vijay4056 (159)
• India
3 Apr 07
300 is the movie u r looking for superb graphics we have entered the golden era of animation and graphics simply superb every scene i was gripping the seat go for it
@wolfie34 (26791)
• United Kingdom
30 Mar 07
I haven't seen 300 yet but I have heard a lot of good reviews about it as well as previews at the cinema, the last film I went to see was Outlaw which was fantastic, it was violent and an 18 certificate, it was based in the UK and had Sean Bean in it who I like. Would definitely recommend it, it was one of the best films I've seen in ages.
@prem622 (401)
• India
30 Mar 07
Yup buddy, 300 is good... also you can watch Ghost Rider if it is available at your place, its a nice movie of nicholas cage, nice mind blowing graphics. If you like fiction movies then you should watch it!!!