March 30, 2007 11:42am CST
i have an interesting topic for feedback. i have two boys both have been diagnosed as having a "learning disability" i personally do not like this term, they both are dyslexic and are having extreme trouble in school with reading. our sd, has ignore my son, now 11 for the past four years of his schooling - and he has fallen behind in school, now tested at 2 years behind grade level. i have tried everything, reading to him, working with phoenics, etc he was just having trouble. Anyway, my question... my husband and I pulled both boys out of the public school because my older son had been harrassed throughout the school year by peers and was physically attacked on 4 occassions. The school was well aware of the problem, the principal and teacher just to ignore the problem until the day that my son bodyslammed on his head and suffered from concussion. my dilemma is that we do not want them to get back into public schools because the educators and administrators just do not seem to care. my son was harrased for months being "stupid" "retard" and "dummy" because he had trouble reading. what would you do this year? continue to keep him out of public school, continue to home school?
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30 Mar 07
Awww, that is so sad. Kids can be so cruel & shame on those kids parents for not teaching them better than to make fun of other kids...oh that upsets me soooo much!! I know you did what you felt was right for you and your children but honestly I believe that before I would have taken my children out of the public school system I would have certainly went to the board of education & if nothing were done then I would have went higher up than that. I would have certainly pressed charges on the children who were involved in harming your child. I would have filed police charges on each child. Do you know that when a child has a "learning disability" they have certain rights that the school has to meet for them. If you are not aware of them, please look into it. I can't think of what it is called right at this moment, it has slipped my I think it may be an I.E.P. ,yes that is it, it stands for Individualized Education Program. One place to read about this is at If you need any more information and you can't get to that link let me know. I wish you and your boys the best.
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30 Mar 07
It's a touchy subject indeed. I'm not so sure that pulling him specifically for that reason is good. Homeschooling is a wonderful thing when done properly but it's not a good thing to use it for escaping problems with the world. At some point in time your child will have to cope with idiots like this kid and pulling him out and protecting him shows him that he doesn't have to deal with issues. I personally would decide first if I'm homeschooling because I think that's best for him as far as learning goes or if I'm simply doing it to keep him from being bullied. If it's the latter, then it's time to take affirmative action. You commented that the school knew it was going on and such. Give them one more chance to make ammends. Go to the school and talk to the principal, the teacher and then ask perhaps for the child and the child's parent(s) to be there to talk to also. If you get nowhere then it's time to move up the ladder. You do not have to take this type of treatment and it should not be acceptable. Go to the district and speak to the superintendent of the school district. Without being "rude" but with making sure they understand you mean business and you will NOT accept this type of action, have it addressed. Worse case is that you could possibly pull him from one school and put him to another if you're not going to pursue homeschooling. I'm not sure of your situation and your desire to homeschool or your ability considering they have learning issues. As for the label, explain to them that they ARE different in how they learn. There is nothing wrong with DIFFERENT! And explain that some people excel in different areas. While they may be a little slower to catch on to their math or whatever, they might find something else that they absolutely excel in. Everyone has "problem" areas, even the smartest of students. And explain that only ignorant people will make fun of someone, usually because they themselves are insecure about themself. Good luck! BTW.. I homeschooled all 3 of my kids until high school. And they're all really good kids and very smart.