How do I get plugged in?

United States
March 30, 2007 1:25pm CST
I'm a rookie on this site. I've been on here for about two days and it has been great. I've been very careful to make sure that all of my discussions have a purpose and are decently written and as i've been searching through, I have noticed that people seem to know each other or have little groups. Does this happen by just being on here and people reading your responses or should I introduce myself to mylot. HELLO! I'M HOPEFULLYINTERESTING AND I AM HOPEFULLY INTERESTING TO READ ABOUT AND CARRY ON A CONVERSATION WITH! There if anyone has suggestions please let me know.
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• Philippines
30 Mar 07
The first time I joined this site, I have the same feeling as yours. Now, that feeling is gone. When I started posting topics, those who responded to me became my friends and we agreed that we will help each other to rate one another. Coversations happens only when you give comment to the one who responded to your topic. Just keep on posting and later on you will realize that you have regular respondents in your topics. specially if your topic is nice to discuss with.
• United States
30 Mar 07
That makes sense, I've been very careful to respond to everyone who has replied to my discussions. That seems fairly easy since I only post things that I really want to talk about. So if i just keep on going I will develop a community? Sounds good to me. Thanks for getting to me so fast.