in my house, cats eat with the rats... what do you think?

March 30, 2007 6:16pm CST
hahahahaha, well, a bit unusuall though, in my house, i have lots of cats like 10 or less maybe. i forgot there's just too many of them for me to handle. well, these cats most of them are small still kittens. and then, the thing is in the house, we have lots of rats. they do you no good right? well, the unusual thing is, if i give my cats their food the rat comes in and eat with them. the cats dont mind them, they eat with rats really . hehehehehe and so, yeah, its pretty wierd. the thing is, well, kittens still, a bit smaller, and the rats are big like them. hehehehehe and then, they probably think that they're still cats. hehehehehe
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• United States
30 Mar 07
Thats a little weird, but Im glad it works out for you. Rats carry diseases so I'd be careful around them - and I wouldnt let my cats socialize with them like that...Just be careful?