I was asked for a recommendation for a good international PTR that actually pays

If you decide to join, you will see this guy aroun - If you decide to join, you will see this guy around a lot. There's a page set up to click on him to get paid up to 3 extra cents a day. :)

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United States
March 30, 2007 7:32pm CST
I was asked for a recommendation for a good international PTR that actually pays and doesn't cost anything to join ...... and they also wanted to know... Is it really important to have some referrals backing you up in any paid to site?Because so many of my international friends have been asking me pretty much the same thing, I wanted to share my response with you, in case you were also curious about this subject. This was my Resonse: I find that having referrals for my various paid to programs can be very helpful. I looked through my programs for an international one to show you how getting referrals can really help when they're active. The one I found to best illustrate my point is e-mailpaysu. I will tell you first, that it does take time to build up to the various minimums for some programs. Having referrals can definately make it easier to reach them a little faster. I spent the first 3 years reading emails there with only 3 of my friends as referrals before deciding it would be worth it to upgrade. This was one of the first sites that I had ever bought the lifetime gold upgrade for. I had to wait until another of my paid to sites paid me, and I have to say it was worth EVERY dime of the $15 (now $18) I paid for it! Even though I'm promoting it on my various free traffic exchanges now, it's nice to have them still giving me free referrals from their advertising too. Now For the Example: In E-mailpaysu, I signed up July 15 2001, the last stats I had before reaching payout in mid 2006 consisted of $11.19 from the paid to click the penny page $8.23 in converted points (with 3121 pending) $23.41 in paid emails $10.00 signup bonus My balance $52.83 (at the time) was helped greatly by my downline earnings. Looking at the paid to read emails, I only read 76 emails for $1.52 in about 5 years as the 2c emails are rare. However, I receive 1c for each email read by 2 levels of referrals. The rest of the paid email amount came from my 2 levels of referrals. My 1st level (direct refs) read 174 emails for $1.74. My second level (my refs refs) read 2015 emails for $20.15! ***I currently have 37 direct refs & 165 second level refs and earn 1 cent for each email read by all 202! This is not a get rich overnight site, by any means. Like I said, it takes time to build up, but I was only doing this site when I had some spare time after work or on the weekends. Quite often, I would forget to do anything except the paid emails when I got them in my mailbox. This is a site that lets you earn in a variety of ways so you can probably reach payout a lot faster than I did, but it wasn't until after I received my first check for $50.77, then a paypal deposit for $10.81 that I felt comfortable in sharing it as a site that really does pay. I have to admit to being a much more active member there now too. I would definately recommend this site to everyone even as a free member because this one is definately worth waiting for because they DO PAY!I would also like to pass along something else that's important to know. There isn't a "request payout" button there like with some of the newer paid to read sites, when you're ready to cashout (after reaching the minimum) just send an email request to Gerald Peters the wm. At that point he will usually ask you for your choice of payment option. I have received both a check and a paypal deposit. I feel it is also important to point out that while the first payout of $50 ($39.99 for gold members) seems a little high, 2nd and subsequent commission payments are payable at $15.00 and the paid with points email earnings can be requested when you reach $10. ps. I almost forgot to mention the $45.65 I earned from the adcash section. I used that extra money to promote my favorite sites on E-MailPaysU and was very pleased with the signups I received for the programs I decided to promote with them. Anyway, that's my recommendation for a PTR that has been confirmed as a paying site, that's free to join and is available to international members, in case that's a subject of interest to you. Have a great day and please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
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31 Mar 07
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