Is a Cholesterol Test a Necessity?

United States
March 30, 2007 11:46pm CST
I have a dr's appointment in a few weeks and I'm sure they will want to do a cholesteral test. I am going to refuse it for these reasons: Medically I am healthy, not overweight, and in my late 30's. I also don't see the point; if it's normal it just cost me $$ and if it's not they will tell me to diet & exercize which I already do or try to put me on drugs which I refuse to do and can't afford. My political beliefs on this say that the healthcare in the US is out of control. I have lived too many years without health insurance to just blindly accept the necessity of whatever a dr says they want to do. I have not seen a dr in 4 yrs and the last time I went when I told them I would not be back for a physical in a yr she did agree that it wasn't necessary to come yearly. I do have health insurance now but still believe that saving money on things that aren't needed is for the best for me, the insurance company, and society. Controversially how can anyone believe anything they say. I just read an article today that even tho the drugs are helping to lower cholesterol the numbers of heart attacks is not going down. The AHA is recommending testing your cholesteral yearly but what do they know; they can't even figure out the best way to do CPR and keep changing that every few years. What are your thoughts on this decision?
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