Best way to Enjoy Holiday

March 31, 2007 1:54am CST
Share with me your best holiday. Which place you want to go to enjoy holiday. Tell me how you prepare before going to enjoy holiday. Tell be best way to enjoy holiday with.
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• India
24 Apr 07
To playing video games,trip for goa ,jammu or kashmir there are best places in india ,this is best way to enjoy holidaywith freinds & you are enjoy the holiday and plese reply me
• India
7 Apr 07
The most important things before deciding to enjoy your holiday is to find how much TIME & MONEY you can spare. Having enough time & plenty money can give you flexibility on planning a travel. But, if you are short of money the best way to enjoy any holiday (i.e. free time) is to relax, read & do the things that would give you total happiness. Afterall the main aim of our life is to get HAPPINESS. What do u think?