Everyone does need a mentor

March 31, 2007 3:58am CST
An hour ago, my boss asked me to email a file to this guy who happens to be one of the country's top CEOs. When this top guy replied to my email to confirm receipt of the document, I remember having done a thorough research on this man - his background, management styles, people skills and his story of rise to corporate fame that earned him quite a recognition for a brand that is so known here and in the US... I know there will come a time that we will eventually end up working together. If that happens, I will definitely ask him to mentor me. Do you currently have someone who you look up to for mentoring? Share your experience. :)
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31 Mar 07
I'll contribute from the other perspective - I have been asked to mentor a few people over the years, and I love it. I've had mentors at different points in my own life, but am currently without one. I do have a few people who I look to for advice, occasionally, almost like a collective mentor! At the moment there are two peole for whom I act as a mentor, in two distinct fields; one in academia and one in business. The challenges that they both meet are quite different, and I'm honoured that they chose me to work with them. I may not hear from them for weeks on end, or we'll just exchange 'How's things' messages, but we meet for lunch or dinner each month and more frequently if required, and I do a heck of a lot of listening and usually little talking. I find that by the very process of them having to explain their issues to me, they often get to the answer themselves, and if asked I will expect them to have at least a couple of their own alternatives ready for me to look at. I've had numerous other mentees over the years, and whilst I'm still in touch with most of them, I'm pleased to say that there have been numerous occasions when the 'pupil' has surpassed the 'master', which is the way that these things should eventually go. :-)
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31 Mar 07
thank you for sharing :) I'm currently looking for one right now who would guide me through a lot of things - like finances, job, even relationships. I used to have someone I look up to years back but things have changed now - she got married with a great guy who also mentored me for a time when I was a student. You know, their priorities are now different since they've got kids already and my time has been spent mostly working in the office. *Sighs* I have good friends though who listens to me but it's hard for them to be objective in their advices because of familiarity. I wish it is even possible to find someone online...