how many hours of sleep you need ?

March 31, 2007 9:09am CST
i need atleast 7 - 8 hours of sleep daily to feel good next morning and you tell me how many hours of sleep you need to feel great next morning ?
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@MrSaleh87 (341)
• Egypt
31 Mar 07
If I Haven't Work I Can Sleep Or I Need Sleep At least 10-12 Hour... But In When I Have Work I Got enough By 4-7 Hours In Day
@9w2whi (108)
• Malaysia
31 Mar 07
i need 6 hours if the next day i'm working. if its holidays, 2 to 3 hours is ok. cause i can sleep again later on.
@Bell88 (370)
• Malaysia
31 Mar 07
People keep saying we need 7-8 hours of sleep. Apparently, Donald trump sleeps only five hours a day. How come he doesn't look like crap and can still keep his edge.
@nanayangel (7881)
• Philippines
31 Mar 07
It varies but I think I need eight hours of sleep. I haven't had a good sleep for like ages. There are even times when I think I have slept for seven straight hours but after about half an hour, I feel sleepy again. Someone said that that's a sign of high blood pressure but I am not really sure. And there are times when I would have a really intense dream and feel really tired when I wake up. I usually stay up late when we have things to do in our internet cafe, or watching television shows or movies or reading a book. Well, I don't fall asleep easily and sometimes I use those so that I will feel sleepy.
@valerfore (298)
• Singapore
31 Mar 07
I am a pig, I need at least 8-10 hours. Recently I did not sleep for 1 night because of projects and I slept for 20 hours the next night. LOL