Did you make your username or did someone else?

March 31, 2007 9:36am CST
i was wondering Did you make your username or did someone else? Personally i got mine from the shaman books and the evil lord drakan! But i just like to add the two nine one.. so Did you make your username or did someone else?
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@Woodpigeon (3710)
• Ireland
14 Apr 07
The username I wanted to use was already taken. I had to think of something else on the spot and this is what popped into my mind because it was similar to the other bird I wanted to use.
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@shakeroo (3990)
• Malaysia
1 Apr 07
Mine was made up out of thin air. I have been using that user name for a very longtime now. If my memory serves me right, it was created back in 1985. It is one of my favorites nickname that I use online.
• Australia
1 Apr 07
My username is an old nickname swapped around. I was living in the UK and my friends were joking about being spies & all gave each other spy names. I became operative platypus because I was the only Australian in the group. I've swapped it around to platypus operations for earning money online.
@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
31 Mar 07
When I was a little kid there was an old man who was a relative of my great-grandfather's, and for a while I lived with him and his grandchildren. I call him "grandfather" though it's not his real relation to me. "Lecanis" is part of the name of a spirit he believed in, and he started calling me this because I am stubborn, silly, and sometimes impulsive, just like this particular spirit.
@ElicBxn (61063)
• United States
31 Mar 07
My name is one of my charaters from my fiction. I just like it.
@aliasad (1567)
• Pakistan
31 Mar 07
I would like to add that everybody has some dedications and affiliations. I am very much affiliated with my son of 6 months only. His name is Ali Asad. I have made the same user in order to make him with me everytime. ;) Hahaha. I don't know how many of others do adopt this kind of thought but I want to say only I love my son.
31 Mar 07
I made up my username that I usually have on sites. However because its only 5 letters some sites like this one don't accept it so I have to use my whole name instead. However because I use this site to promote my website and blog sometimes I don't mind people knowing my name.
• United States
31 Mar 07
i actually came up with my own user name..its just my name and year of birth keeps it simple and i can remember it without issue!