All amounts are estimets.... By how much?

March 31, 2007 9:51am CST
When you guys look at your earnings do you know how it says all amounts are estimetes. How close are they to the real thing because it says i have gotten ten dollars and forty four cents but when i get paid how cloase will it be?
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@seamonkey (1979)
• Ireland
31 Mar 07
This is my first month so I haven't experienced 'what happens' once they clean up and delete. Is it usually only once a month? I thought it happened periodically throughout the month and I had just been lucky and not gotten docked. I agree with Jimbo, I would shoot for a nice cushion. I remember reading abuot people being only 8 cents below the cut off and they seemed pretty bummed.
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• Philippines
31 Mar 07
i presume that for each day's earnings, we get rounded off to the nearest cent. so earnings for that day may increase or decrease by 1 cent. i experienced several days with increases on my earnings by a few cents. and i tracked that each cent came from different days. if you chose a minimum pay out of 10 dollars, i presume you get a whole 10 dollars transferred to your paypal/e-gold account. the rest, will remain to your account in mylot until you made enough for the next pay-out. hope this helps. goodluck on your pay out! :)
31 Mar 07
Last month my money was only different by a few cents. I dont' think it will change that much really, but keep your fingers crossed as mine went up not down!
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