who is the sexiest man alive ?

@jamie622 (508)
March 31, 2007 12:04pm CST
I do not think that there is any reliable method to measure how sexy a man or woman for that matter is . Its more of a speculation than anything else . Also it usually depends on what kind of roles the person playts in films or the public image that he is trying to create . There was never and there will be never a tool or instrument to measure how sexy a person is ? Do you agree . Respond with atleast a line of rewason in favour of your response.
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• India
1 Apr 07
I agree with ur words
@borzack (597)
• Malaysia
31 Mar 07
One might find George Clooney sexy but another might find him just an old actor. One might find Johnny Depp sexy but another might find him too 'beautiful' to be called sexy. But for me, i think Davis Beckham can be considered sexy. He has this aura and karma. I'm not a big fan of Man U or anything, but i think mr Beckham has proved himself as an icon that many people try to follow whatever he did, like the style of his hair etc. What am i babbling about?? hahahaha... anyway, please go to my profile and see the gallery of men i envy... wishing i was one of them. cheers
@leanette (3003)
• India
31 Mar 07
Okay, I'd definitely say this man is sexy from all angle- talent, looks, behavior, personality EVERYTHING! Johnny Depp. The more of the oddball he gets, the more attractive I find him.... Is it love? :P lol
@Angelinka (1410)
• Italy
31 Mar 07
well,i think my boyfriend and gorge clooney are the sexiest men in the world!why,because when i see my boyfriend i want to make love with him,the same happens when i see geogre clooney on tv:)very sorry that i see him only in tv:)
@tanjila (548)
• United States
31 Mar 07
my boyfriend :)