I am looking for a sincere and honest friends

July 15, 2006 3:43am CST
Dearest sir, I am very sorry for intruding into your privacy owning the fact that we have never met before.But,i believe that computer internet remains the only true medium in which i can meet my soul-mate hence it has been my heart desire to settle outside Africa due to uncertainties condition of Africa in diaspora.I have reasons of my decission and will take my precious time to tell you if we get to know ourselves very well.Meanwhile, you are of the impression that Africam men are not consistent in handling their soul-mate very well like outside world does, thats one reason, maybe i will tell you more as we enter into this blissful encounters. Well, i am miss Asmina Akoul Garang, a 24years young and pretty woman from Republic of Sudan but, due to political unrest in our country since and after the death of my beloved father last year,I and my mother have decided to take a refuge in senegal in one of the Catholic Parish Church untill the heat of the crisses is reduced.Infact, my brother, we have stayed here in this country for so long and due to my mothers unhealthy condition of health, she has intructed me to seek for a reliable life partner who will be sincere and truthful before she can be able to tell you more about our family and the reason why we eloped our country to Senegal.You can get us via..asmirang100@yahoo.ca for more correspondence. I am looking forward in hearing from you immediately. Thanks yours, Asmina and my mother.
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@smfette (35)
• New Zealand
2 Oct 06
to any one reading this discussion be careful. I got a letter like this one and found out it was all a hoax. The person tried to get hold of a bank account number of mine so they could give me money to get them over to my contry. Be careful. This was the way it started.
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• India
2 Oct 06
Hmmm Strange!!!
@LotSelf (1508)
• India
2 Oct 06
Its so sad that u have suffered like this but dear why dont you seek political asylum to safer nearest country in africa........
@rherdey (966)
• United States
2 Oct 06
thanks for in the information on the hoax...hope that mylot sees this and takes it off..I is a shame people have to post things like this..there are many lonely people out there that will want to help....I to reading was sadden but would never give any money to anyone for this type of thing...good job thanks for information ...