Am i the only one who thinks CSI:NY is the franchise's best?

March 31, 2007 4:16pm CST
Well...i'm sorry if that subject has beem discussed in the past... anyway...if i should rank the 3 Csi,i'd probably give NY the first place.... I love it's dark mood,and the chemistry between the actors... It's probably slower than the other two,but its "human touch" just works for me... It also seems to me,that NY'S protagonists have a more "solid" personality. In my opinion,Ny has achieved a great balance between action and human relationships.
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• Philippines
11 Apr 07
I love CSI New York!!!Especially the chemistry between the actors and actresses.I know most people prefer CSI Miami or the original CSI but the CSI New York is kinda more exciting to watch.The script is more on the things happening in the big city rather than in a small town or province.Surely most people will get to appreciate CSI New York if they just watch it with a different perspective.
1 Apr 07
I must admit, i'm not really a fan of CSI:NY. I don't find it bad or anything but it just hasn't gripped me like the other two series have. I think that once it has had a few seasons, I may feel different towards it but for now, it is ranked as #3 out of them.
@emeraldisle (13145)
• United States
31 Mar 07
New York is not my most favorite but it is a good show. It's come a long way since the first season and it's getting better. I like Gary Sinise so enjoy watching him. It just doesn't seem to flow as well as the other two. I'm not sure if it's because of the characters or the storylines but I find it harder to get into then I do the other ones. As with any show though it is subjective and I'm sure for others they get into it more. I've been watching it off and on this season and I have enjoyed it more then before so that is a good indication to me that it will continue to improve.
• Canada
31 Mar 07
I've never been really able to get into the whole CSI NY. I think I need to watch it from the beginning, so I can follow the characters like I have with Las Vegas and Miami, because I know how those characters have evolved, I enjoy the shows a lot more. But I haven't found the time to start watching the New York shows from the start yet. Maybe that'll be something I do soon.
• United States
31 Mar 07
I love all 3 CSI's. I think my favorite one is Las Vegas. But I do watch all of them. :-)