stupid names, will it blight their lives?

March 31, 2007 6:06pm CST
this is to discuss the stupid names that some people call their kids in the "misguided hope" that it will make them be "individual". i think it is a cruel practice that parents stick this on their kids to grow up with a horrendous name. nowadays, i actually quite like my name, as i know there are others in the world called bobby-joe, and they are female too! but as a child, the only others i knew that got called bobby were male... i resented my name very much, as i was picked on alot for it, but again, i don't mind it so much now lol. the names i am refering to though are things like ziggy, apple, rainbow, tiger lilly! what hopes do these parents have for kids with odd names? surely they know other kids will be cruel as the go through school, and surely they know that their kids are going to grow up wondering as i do, WHY?
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@rabi9634 (420)
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31 Mar 07
For a long time, the 'odd names' just came across to me with the message that mom and dad were too illiterate to spell it right on the birth certificate. Then came the really odd names, chosen for their so-called individuality. Kids have a tendency to isolate and pick on anything that makes one different from the rest. It's cruel to give a child a name that you know in advance is going to be the butt of everyone's teasing and jokes. I guess it's just another example of how people need to take a second and think before they go ahead and act.