past is past,move on!!!!

March 31, 2007 8:45pm CST
do you always look for the past? is there anything and something that reminds you of your past, good or bad? don't live in the past. it will always be there in your mind for memories to enjoy! but do not cling to it! move on and be happy!
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• Canada
1 Apr 07
I am terrible for living in the past . I have issues that I can't seem to get by . Your advice is correct though as it is better not to live in the past and live for today as I believe this makes people much happier with their lives and much happier with themselves . There are things that remind me of the past and I would have to say the biggest thing would be in music . I love music but I love songs that remind me of something depending on my mood . Good or bad , I like to be able to understand the power of the song more :)
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@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
1 Apr 07
it is but normal for most teens ,young adults and adolescents to feel and think this way because it is part of the learning process that most of should pass through then learn from it leaving all the excess baggages behind but there are so called mature people still clinging onto what they are use to experiencing like hanging on to the past.thus, affecting their present doings.yes, it is important that we remember the past but not clung to it or else we cannot move on.the present is the by product of what we have done in the past and the future is what we will become because of what we have done today.