Performance of Jugglers

performance of jugglers - how difficult they perform
March 31, 2007 9:49pm CST
Juggling is throwing objects into the air one after the other and catching them is most often done with balls,hoops,or tenpins,using from two togler has three tenpins.He throws them into the air one at a time until all three are in motion .As they fall back to the level of his hands,he catches them one by one and again throws them into the air.The process is repeated and the juggler keeps throwing and catching the tenpins.timing is very important in juggling.Any kind of objects may be used. Jugglers often use chinaplates,bottles,light bulbs,eggs,and other breakable objects.The word juggling is sometimes used to describe the action of aperson who tries to do something dishonest, especially with money. what is your opinions against jugglers. How difficult they perform, if no why.
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• Singapore
1 Apr 07
I think they are really nimble with their hands. They are also able to muster quite a bit of concentration at their task on hand. Most importantly, they are good multi-taskers and if they can apply this skill to real-life situations, I think they can go very far. ;-)
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• India
2 Apr 07
yes you are right.