Does God want Christians to be rich?

@kynni204 (2031)
United States
March 31, 2007 11:21pm CST
Creflo Dollar is my favorite pastor he preaches alot on prosperity and how God wants Christians to be rich. Whats your take on that?
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1 Apr 07
rather ironic that his name is "Dollar" and thats what he preaches about! lol but personally this is one of the reasons why christianity just doesnt appeal to me. the televangalist in particular really put me off. you see the lovely and EXPENSIVE church they preach from and the gold candleholders etc etc....and yet you dont hear about them taking those candleholders and melting them down to sell...and then making BIG donations to the poor or childs hospitals or whatever. WHY would god have need of possesions or money? why would he care? and isnt greed a deadly sin? so if that pastor is preaching about how "god wants christians to be rich" isnt he in fact sowing seeds of sin in the name of god??