I am an Indian and my request to all my Foreign friens.

March 31, 2007 11:38pm CST
I have seen that lots of gifts and even dollars are coming to our country from U.S.A and Canada inorder to help the upliftment of the poor peoples here.I am very much thank full for your good mind to show this generosity .But have you ever enquired that the help you have given has been reaching the people you have meant for it.?No will be my answer.I am a social worker and seen these gifts coming to India by shipment and from their these are been distributed through churches mainly and they are distributing these gifts as for the name sake for some 1000 poor children when the actual number of gifts will be some Lakhs.They are distributing or presenting these gifts to ineligble people and I have heard that you are gifting these things to children below 14 years and I am very much unhappy to see this that these gifts are even handed over to people around 45 years old even though they have good surroundings to live.I am very happy to see this effort from you good people but very much desperate to dsee this help reach the needy one's.So my humple suggestion for this is that ,we have many Government Schools,I mean the lower primary schools for the ages within 14 years.And most of the students studiying in these Schools are needy one's that they depend Government grands for their Lunch even.So If you can distribute through these Government Schools it will be more benefittable and your aim will get the right result.Please don't misunderstand me that Am a governnment servent to do this.I am a post graduate student and tries to mingle with needy one's and protesting for their upliftment in the society.I you can give any suggestions for the agency in your country which collects these gifts Please give a mind to my request.Thank you.Please give your comments as I am eager to hear this.
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@pelo26 (1553)
• Philippines
1 Apr 07
Thats a really good idea you got there. A lot of these foreign aids when channeled thru the government are lost to corruption. These aids are better directed to the schools and charitable institutions who are directly connected to the beneficiaries. Hope this request of yours is heard.
• India
1 Apr 07
I am very much sad to see that even some churches here also doing the malpractice.But am not against churches and Government .But the aids should reach the needy ones not the one who enjoy a better position in society that's why I am asking why you can't direct it to the schools.Its not the Schools with lots of Glits 'n' Glamour but the poor institutions caring lots and lots of poor children.
• India
17 Apr 07
ya!what you said is correct.Our college is getting aid from many foreign institutions and other IT companies for the upliftment of poor and backward students but only the students who are close to the management get those previliges.But we the students cant do anything it because our future may get spoiled.May in our country are afraid only of that!