What Crocs model do you own?

April 1, 2007 1:00am CST
i have 2 Beach models and 1 Endeavor. but i really like the Beach models because my feet won't sweat that much because of the holes in it. which is very good in hiking even longer hours without causing your feet in pain.
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@ratburn (939)
• Philippines
28 Jun 07
i have 1 Beach model and 1 Maryjanes. I prefer the maryjanes more because they are not so ugly as compared to the beach. also, your feet won't seem that big and it's not that boyish. i want to get more! they are just so comfortable. i wear mine everyday. really. i do.
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@gncd1968 (49)
• United States
25 Jun 07
I dont' have any yet, but I want to get the Maryjanes for myself and my 2 daughters. I have heard they are very comfortable as well as they dont' make your feet smell.
@randallc (54)
• United States
21 May 07
My girlfriend and I went to Disney and she seen ones whrer the holes were punched out like mickey mouse she wanted the pink ones.
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@Woodpigeon (3710)
• Ireland
20 May 07
I have the beach model without the holes and I have apair of wellies that they call Georgies. I want to get a pair of the Endeavors, and will be in San Francisco over the summer. Are they easily available everywhere?
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• United States
8 May 07
I have 3 pairs of the beach ones. love them. have worn them for a couple of years now. i go on walks in them, and shopping in them, they really help my feet. and they are comfortable. they may be kinda ugly to some people, but i wish those people would just try them for one day. they're more comfortable than my slippers!
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6 Mar 08
i do not have one because i dont like their styles.. they just look big. They are very comfortable and soft and good at long walks but its just not my type
@koalatbs (2230)
• United States
5 Mar 08
I love my Crocs! I have 1 pair of navy blue Caymans & 1 pair of black Mammoths. I would definitely buy the Cayman style again, but I wouldn't get the Mammoths again. In case you aren't familiar with this type, they are the ones that have a soft wooly interior, which is great but they aren't even half as comfortable. This really disappointed me because they were a little more expensive than my Caymans.
• India
3 Jan 08
There are lots of shoes that really looks good when they grew up. One of them is the Chuck Taylor canvass design shoes of Converse. I have one of those which I used when I'm still in college and I still wear them after so many years. They still feel quite cool and good on my feet.
@bowtieguy (5924)
• United States
17 Jul 07
I don't have any, I don't wear those kinds of shoes.
@bgreen8 (266)
• United States
29 Jun 07
I love the beach crocs! My whole family has at least 1 pair. I love them so much because you can do just about anything in them. They are very comfortable! I think I have them in just about every color! LOL!