It's April Fools Day

@winterose (39895)
April 1, 2007 1:27am CST
It is April Fools Day here in Canada and the United States. I was never good at playing practical jokes but I did do one on my aunt one year. When my grandmother died, my aunt became like a mother to me, even though I was already married and then divorced, I was a very young struggling single parent. I wanted to play a joke for April's fools day, and so I asked my son who was about six years old at the time. Our cat have just had kittens. So I called my aunt acting all hysterical, she asked me what was wrong, I said, I was washing the dishes, and went to answer the phone, Steven, my son was holding one of the kittens and when I got back he had left the kitten on the counter and the poor thing fell in the dish water and died, Well she was all over me, she was so mad asking me how I could let that happen, and then I told her April Fools, and she was still mad lol.
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1 Apr 07
When I was younger I used to try and fool my parents, even if it never really worked. The only thing that came remotely close was the time that I slabbed mint toothpaste between two halves of an oreo cookie. :\ I think the minty fresh smell gave it away. Oh well. Wouldn't work now. They make mint oreos now.
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