afraid of aging??

April 1, 2007 2:56am CST
HI ALL!! guys, I never judged anyone on his looks....coz i never really understood what ugliness is, i mean looks... But as i am GROWING older i have become so concious with looks...IT ACTUALLY STARTED WHEN I NOTICED WRINKLES ON MY MOM'S FACE AND I JUST COUND NT ACCEPT IT.I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS CIRCLE OF LIFE SO SERIOUSLY!! i have heard of many people who have the same problem... I am just twenty and it has now started with me.All i can say is that i really dont like to disclose my age. Can anybody help me out. this is too discuss it with all those who can actually understand my state....
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• India
1 Apr 07
Seriously for me I am really not afraid about the looks and as far as it goes for fun age is not the factor. Its just that I belive in something.... I belive if you grow old alone you may become ugly but if you grow older being with your love you never grow old but more beautifull. I am not scared about those wrinkles on my face but I am afraid if I don't have any one besides me to hold my wrinkled hands. Any I know its going kind of emotional so... Take Care May GOD Bless YOU
@roniroxas (10574)
• Philippines
18 Apr 07
if you age gracefully, fulfilled a lot in life as you age then it is not scarry to grow old.
@urbangirl (1461)
• Australia
16 Apr 07
When I was younger (10-12) I think I was very vain about my looks. As a teenager I went through a very ugly duckling stage which I probably came out of in my twenties. Now, it's all about trying to "preserve" myself so that I don't wake up one day and get a shock in the mirror. I try not to look at my wrinkles too closely anyway and I still get pimples.
@femimi (872)
• Indonesia
11 Apr 07
I'm not afraid actually, but trying to defence yes.. Using cream, eye cream, get enough sleep, not stress are efforts to defence aging. I think nothing to be afraid of, the more mature you are, you will see that being old is very nice things and you still can try to act young (many people doing this), you still can be fashionable, make friends to the youngers. That's keep you not feeling old.
• Singapore
1 Apr 07
Yes yes, I am so very afraid of aging too. I keep discovering disturbing signs of growing old that it will drive my crazy if I dwell on it. As some say - life goes on. I try to ignore all I am seeing now. It is easier to view the world with a fuzzy look. :P
@bigeyes (19)
• Singapore
1 Apr 07
I am not young anymore but a consolation is that i look younger than my actual age. We cannot stop aging but probably delay it. I definately understand how u feel Have a healthy lifestyle, take vitamins, minerals, royal jelly etc.. do helps