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April 1, 2007 5:48am CST
Everybody go on and tell us something about yourself. Like your age,gender what you do and many some hobbies etc. Also note: Remember this is an online comunaty anyone can read these posts sp don't put in something stupid like your address or something like that! Okay i live in ireland i'm thirty five. My porfession is being the head chief at my kitchen. And my hobbies are morrowind and cooking and petting my cats!
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@franxexces (1096)
• Philippines
13 Apr 07
I'm frances.. I'm a filipina.. I'm 17.. but I'm turning 18 next month.. I'll be in second year college this coming school year, 2007-2008.. I'm an entrepreneurial student at Silliman University.. I love chocolates so much.. I'm fond of surfing the net..
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@seamonkey (1981)
• Ireland
12 Apr 07
I'm a Dub and am 36. I have loads of hobbies and am always going off on a new tangent with some new interest. My kids are probably my biggest, longest lasting hobby but I also like hill walking, reading, and photography.
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@ElicBxn (61135)
• United States
1 Apr 07
I'm 53, like cats, horses & giraffes, currently taking care of people, my mom (unpaid) and a friend thru Girling Health Care & driving the roomie who is visually impaired. my hobbies are beading, reading & writing. I live in Texas.
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@derek_a (10897)
1 Apr 07
A good discussion here drakan291... So simple, yet overlooked... Who am I? I am a hypnotherapist practising in the United Kingdom and very interested in philosophy of life. This work led me to question life and our purpose here on this planet and I got into Zen. Back in the 70s (that puts me in my late 50s! LOL), I was a musician, but as technology picked up, so the need for live musicians fell and there were just too many of chasing too few jobs, so that's when I retrained for a new career. I still love playing - I suppose it's in my blood because I had my first music lesson when I was about 6 years old. I now own a Yamaha PSR3000 keyboard and A100 organ that is no longer produced. Mostly I play modern jazz but love all genres and love to experiment. I have a love of all gadgets and spend a couple of hours every day on my computer and am thoroughly enjoying As anti-social as it is these days, I also love driving and currently own a 2001 Ford Focus, 2 litre, of which I am paying a fair whack in road tax - and they say it is going to be even more.. I don't know why, it is a very clean running car and I barely cover 5,000 miles a year. I think they ought to find a fairer way of taking our money! Well, that's me, there's more but I expect it will come out in other posts I make. :-)
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• India
1 Apr 07
well i'm shrey from jaipur,rajasthan,india.... i'm pursuing my degree of B.E..... i was born on 5th jan,1987.... my hobbies include listening 2 music,playing cricket,driving................. and what else u wanna know about me???
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