Fashion influenced by gay men

@diablouk (598)
April 1, 2007 6:28am CST
Do you think fashion trends are influenced by gay men? It has been said that gay men are fashion leaders and that once a fashion trend starts in the gay community, it is quickly taken up by the straight community. Do you think gay men are fashion leaders?
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• Hong Kong
11 Apr 07
I believe so. Cause I think gay men are more willing to spend time on finding the best way to present themselves, and most of them are more sensitive and detailed-minded, so usually they are more artistic and have a rather good aesthetical sense. That's why quite a number of the great designers are gay, as they've got what it takes to be successful in the fashion industry. The other thing is that gay men are dare to be different, they are usually more open-minded and they have quick adoption to new things, so of course they could lead the trend. By the way, why do I just keep saying they? It should be WE! lol
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@codywest (78)
1 Apr 07
Gay men are more fashionable becuase they take more care of their appearance. Some of my friends copy the style of clothes I wear but I dont know if I am a fashion leader
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@vixel83 (212)
11 Apr 07
I reckon so, most fashionable mens clothing at the moment appears to be in a style worn primarily by the gay community around 6 months previously.
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