Blocking the cellular phones when its lost due to unavoidable circumstances.

@chavezrmc (6129)
April 1, 2007 7:34am CST
Many cellular phones had been stole by burglar in the street, in public vehicles how can we prevent these stealing of cellular phone. Can we block this and unless recovered by the owner, it can be use again. Do you guys have an idea about this?
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• Philippines
13 Apr 07
Welcome to the GSM world.. Steal a phone take out the SIM card and put yours in.. Its all yours!! Can't track you no more.. That is why in Philippines people don't use their mobile phones in the streets on Manila. Its very dangerous, Too many cell phone snatchers. They just grab the phone from you. i think the only way is use only your phone when you think that your location is safe..
• Philippines
4 Apr 07
it depends where you are form here in the philippines stolen phones could be blocked by going to the NTC b just bringing your proof of ownership
1 Apr 07
Cell Phones are very "stealable" items. Very easy to "pinch" and stow away. Best thing to do is carry them woth you AT ALL TIMES. I do seem to remember that they are called mobile phones?? So why not take them with you and keep them by your side at all times. NEVER leave them un-attended. Esp with smart phones nowadays, which contain all your PERSONAL DATA, images and videos. Leaving them in a car is a very unwise thing to do. Also, in case stolen, you can call up the network providers and give them with your number and they will deactivate it for you to ensure the theif doesn't pile up your bill. You can get a replacment chip later on. I am astonished that you're asking this question my dear.