r u agree ?

April 1, 2007 8:53am CST
( english ) you love with someone else lover ????, real love....so what you will gonna do ? , make your dream come true ot leave it ? ( indonesia ) , gimana kalo elo cinta sama pacar orang lain..terusin atau lupain ?
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@machoboy (174)
• Indonesia
27 Jul 07
It's all depend on the girl lha i think. you love, she love, ya jadian lah... C'mon bro, don't give up. Mandi kembang, pakai sabun tapi jgn sabun cuci ya, pakai parfum, rambutnya disisir jangan acak2an, trus nge date tuch cewe. gue dukung you... :P Peace...
• United States
17 May 07
to my knowledge, I am not in love with anyone else's lover. I am not sure what I would do if I was. If it were a goof friend of mine, I would hope that I would have enough honor to stay away. However, if somebody I liked did have a girlfriend or wife (or boyfriend or husband for that matter), and they were telling me they loved me, I would tell them that I could not carry on with them while they were still in another relationship. I would tell them to end the relationship with the other person and then perhaps we could start something. I do not believe in sharing lovers. It does not make me happy, and generally is filled with deceit and dishonesty, two things I really don't like.
1 Apr 07
if you love her.....just take it....chance doesn't come twice ?...isn't that right Fritz ?