what is the best way to loss weight.

United States
April 1, 2007 9:05am CST
I am 120 I would like to lose about 5 pounds so what would be the best way?
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• United Arab Emirates
1 Apr 07
be in diet, eat less fat food. and excersice helps a lot. i see my father and mother go for jogging at early morning daily. and use fat free foods. adn shouldnt be very lazy, should be little active and hardworking. if we are working in office and just sit and do the work we may become fat, so we can do excersice and go for playing when we get time.
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• United States
1 Apr 07
thanks :)
@daababy (219)
• United States
26 Mar 08
Well, if you are only 120 pounds you really don't need to lose anymore weight. Its your body, so. Some of the best and healtyest ways are drinking water instead of soda. Drink diet drinks. They will replace high calorie drinks. Walk as much as you can. You will lose weight and save gas! Lol.
@wotfpatty (2068)
• United States
14 Aug 07
You seem slim to me! I am also 120, 5'5" and am content there. I don't know how tall you are but if you want to drop five pounds, at your low weight, it won't be easy. Just reduce your fat and calories by a bit each day and try to be more active. There is no quick loss. It will all just come back anyway. If you usually have cheese, skip that. If you drink regular soda, drink water or diet soda. Eat fat free salad dressing instead of regular. Skip the butter or margarine. Don;t eat fried foods, eat broiled or baked (like chicken). Don't overdo on the sweets. Little thinks like that will take the weight off safely and slowly. Of course, adding a few extra minutes of exercise will also help. Good luck and don't get too thin!
• China
13 Aug 07
You must control diet,exercise regularly
@Impervious (1154)
• United States
7 Apr 07
You my dear are quite thin enough. Personally I don't se why you would want to loose any weight other than to conform to some stereotype. But if you must, reduce your calories and excersize.
• Philippines
7 Apr 07
I've also been trying to lose weight. I think if that we should walk everyday for a few miles or so since being active really helps. Learning a sport is cool too like when I tried muay thai (sort of like kickboxing). Eating less also helps but starving yourself is never right. Well good luck!! =)