What does Palm Sunday...

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@mjsdls (1840)
United States
April 1, 2007 11:28am CST
mean to you? It means to me the day that people was accepting and praising Jesus as King of Kings. What I don't understand is, this day they were praising Him and crowning Him King of King then 3 days later they crucified Him. People are just hard to understand I quess.
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@mauier113 (688)
• Philippines
1 Apr 07
Palm Sunday is a way of reminding us how Jesus went down from His throne, from being God to be human like us. This is also called as PAssion Sunday, when we commemorate Jesus' passion, this is the start of a week that we call Holy when we have to accept Jesus into our hearts of how He wants us to be saved from this day through the whole week.
@lonnieN (428)
• United States
1 Apr 07
Actually Mauier got it exactly right. JESUS (GOD) became a human so HE could die for us so we can live forever with HIM!!
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@magnel (2263)
• India
1 Apr 07
mauier113 gave such a good explanation of the Palm Sunday... Jesus says everything has to happen as it is written in scriptures...
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@winterose (39892)
• Canada
2 Apr 07
remember it was all in the prophesy and had to turn out the way it did, the cruxifiction was intended and had to be carried out as planned.
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